A big problem of our environment is trash problem. It must become an environment issue that must be concerned by people.

Perhaps one trash that can’t be recycled isn’t a big problem for us. But it is a super problem for our environment, because the trash can disturb the natural balance.

Trash (unable be recycled) like plastics is too hard to be decomposed by decomposer. Trash (unable be recycled) is made from chemical materials and inorganic substances.

Generally, trash (unable be recycled) disturbs our health. A lot of them contain much of poisonous chemical materials like mercury, carbons, arsenic substances and etc; moreover a lot of people discard them randomly. It isn’t banished at its places. They become a pollutant on the ground or in the water, and even in the long times they can influence the climate change indirectly.

They decrease the cleanness quality; there are many kinds of trash. They are much of colors, types and characters, moreover if they decay; they will disturb our sight and smell. And in fact, the trash is the worst thing.

Those are some problems that is caused by the trash that unable be recycled. So, don’t discard them randomly, we must discard them to its places not in the ground, water and even on the air. Keep our environment clean, beauty and comfortable for us and our children then, whenever, whenever and whatever.

by: chamim tohari at kemom.wp/chamim-area


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