Based survey of Travel Agents sorted by most interesting for tourists

1. Korea

The country is currently experiencing winter. So many great attractions to attend to perform the activities associated with the snow. Then place the ski resorts. You are there to ski.

For the tourists who have a hobby shop can just come to town Soul. And to be able to look closely at the history of the Korean nation, you can direct to Jeongdongjin.

2. Japan

Many attractions for the tourists who took his family to this one country. One of them, Disneyland Theme Park. There you can enjoy the entire game in Disneylad, like Indiana Jones, Haunted Masion, Space Tour, Big Tunder Mountain, and other woods.

Meanwhile, for those who want to see firsthand one of the largest temples in Japan to the Asakusa Kanon Temple. After that you can visit the famous sights in Japan, like Mount Fuji.

3. China

Great wall of China is a tourist attraction that is often visited by tourists. Many more other historical places. Not just a place of history, China also has great scenery.

4. Singapore

The country is known as a shopping paradise. To attract tourists who come, the shopping centers provide many discount programs.

Not only that, the state nicknamed shopping paradise also features many parks, like Universal studios, where you can enjoy various games and attractions such as the Accelerator, Revenge of The Mummy, Treasure Hunters, Waterworld, Jurassic Park, Sherk, Madagascar, and other .

5. Malaysia

In addition to close to Indonesia, there are many tourist objects are very nice to visit.One of them, Kuala Lumpur, became a place for tourists to shop. There is also the National Palace, National Mosque, King's Palace, Indepence Square, and many other woods.

6. Western Europe

For this one, the Western European continent into a place many tourists visit, like Paris. In Paris, travelers can shop and enjoy the view from the Eiffel Tower. Or Milan, to be one good place to be visited by tourists who want to shop.

Venice is a city that is very popular with the city on the water and connected by small bridges that form the channel. And many other cities in Europe that is very nice to be a tourist attraction.

I hope, you can enjoy your trip...fighting! ^_^


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