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Chocolate Bath
Photos show girls enjoy hot chocolate in the water bath in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Red Wine Bath
Photo shows the waiter poured the wine bottle of French wine into the hot water bath in Hakone Kowakien, Japan. If you do not mind getting dirty red wine you can drink red wine while enjoying a shower, anyway I'm not going to do it.

Beer Bath
In hot water sites in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, and people enjoy beer hot water. So, if you do not like red wine and prefer beer, this type is for you.

Milk Bath
Some celebrities revealed that the secret to keep their skin in the shower milk. I heard that Princess Diana's favorite

Curry Bath
Photo shows a boy enjoying a hot curry in Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. According to the boss of the central hot water, shower such as this can increase blood circulation and protect our skin.

Soil Bath
On the Japanese island of Kyushu, people put their whole body into the ground to enjoy the bath ground. It is said that the SPA this kind can encourage your body to release perspiration.

Black Mud Bath
In the "dead sea" site in Daying County, Sichuan Province, tourists cover their bodies with black mud to relax themselves. Black mud is famous enough, some people use it to mask the face.

Bath Petroleum
I think this is the most dangerous bath. Make sure there is no fire in the bathroom when you're having Petroleum Bath. The man in the photo above is enjoying bath oil in a sanatorium in Naftalan, Azerbaijan. It is said that this type of oil is full of sulfur and are very effective in defense against arthritics and skin diseases.

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