Palermo, Italy

Sicilian culinary culture is reflected perfectly in the typical food of Palermo. When in town, you will enjoy vegetables, fish and grains of wheat in various flavors typical of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Palermo offers the best food from Sicily, which can be found at Il Mulinazzo and Osteria Altri Tempi, which serves typical Sicilian classic taste like Vampaciucia c'Anciova, pasta dish with tomatoes, anchovies and wine. Focacce certainly should not be missed, bread fried in beef oil, with the content of the spleen and the lungs of cattle Or Arancini with wine and the best beef.

If you got the streets (in the middle of the food menu seems endless), try visiting Ballaro Market, which will make you spellbound with the variety of fresh foodstuffs typical Sicilian

Gothenburg, Sweden

Maybe you'll be surprised by the number of restaurants that get the number of Michelin stars in Sweden, but in fact, Gothenburg has a five star restaurant with a prestigious gift for this culinary world: 28, Basement, fond, Sjömagasinet, and Kock & Vin.

Sweden's largest city is indeed very pampering the residents and visitors. Best chef in the world's average stay in this city, and seafood is a mainstay of the city with a population of 500,000 peoples this.


Small country of no more than 500,000 residents has a dozen restaurants with Michelin stars grace. Capital of Luxembourg, Luxembourg City, which occupied only 75,000 people, has several restaurants with 3 Michelin stars. Countries that have culinary cultural influences from France, Belgium and Germany is very rich with the best fresh fish and also a variety of cakes and pastry creations that await your arrival

Mougins, France

Small town in the south of France is famous for the right temperature for the affairs of the stomach. Residents are only 16,000 people, also will make this small city feels very comfortable, especially the small town turned out to have 50 restaurants! With a line of world-class chef name that opened a restaurant in this small town, not hurt you to stay a while and feel the culture of world-class belly!

San Sebastian, Spain

Basque Region, Spain, a region famous for tapas, Spanish-style snacks with great taste and unique and sexy flavors typical of Spain. San Sebastian, located in the Basque region, a city known as the 'Cultural Centre Tapas'
In the city of San Sebastian, there are at least 3 restaurants that received the grace of 3 stars Michelon. Various restaurants in the port of San Sebastian is ready to provide seafood with a variety of styles that you want, Chinese style, Prencis, Italy, Germany, or the Basque country (not Spain, Basque!)


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