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Yongseo couple's shooting continues
C: Yes yes, turn towards Seohyun
C: Smile, smile
lovely memorable photoshoot with friends!
C: Yes, slightly link arms
But.. slowly.. the cameraman's wishes(?) continue to grow..
SH: What??
YH: Why are you making me seem like a weirdo! TN: The direct translation might be weirdo, but it's more along the lines of pervert, just not as strong.
C: Yes this is good!
YH: You have to take this in one shot!
Stuttering, you.. you have to take it in
C: There is never a retake here
what is the concept that flustered the couple
C: I'll just shoot it once.

funny scene :
Y: Nice to meet you, Seohyun-shi.
S: Hello.
Y: I'm CnBlue's Yonghwa.
S: I'm SNSD's Seohyun.
Y: I really was a fan.
S: Is that so?
Y: Was a fan.
S: How about now?
Now... We're a couple.


gomawoyo chingu...:)

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