Translation :

YH: I am fast at washing dishes
H: aigo i'm really...really...
YH:(wife) take rest
YH: you just relax all day, why don't you do something for a change?
H: (pretend not to listen) go and cook some food~
Caption: a couple scene in meoldrama
H: full
YH: i can't live anymore~i can't live anymore~i can't live with you anymore. you are not working~not earning money. you only sleep around at home
H: make me some ma
YH: you do it~
H: Aah...what^^
Caps: (Finally) in a good relation. washing dishes together
YH: (background musick for washing dishes) Sing Gee
H:Gee?let's sing with fan sing a long version.(sings gee lyric)
Y:Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby baby Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby baby
Caps: SNSD Seohyun and fanboy performance

H:Well done
H:yo've work hard
Caps: finally finished cleaning the dishes together
YH: you've work hard
H:Well done
YH: thank you.thank you seo joo hyun ssi
H: not a problem

Today, the We Got Married website released unseen footage of the YongSeo couple.

Having seen Jung Yonghwa make breakfast for his wife, Seohyun, in last week’s episode, this short clip, which was edited out from broadcast, gives fans a view of what happened thereafter.

In this clip, fans will get to see the couple act out scenes normally depicted in Korean daily sitcoms, while you will also get to hear Seohyun singing SNSD’s ‘Gee‘ while Yonghwa plays the enthusiastic fan with rough fanboy cheers, as they wash the dishes together.

Gee hyun Version (she sang Tiffany's part) :

"You're so so handsome
My eyes my eyes are blinded
I can't breathe because I'm trembling"

But she sang Tifanny's part which goes,

"Oh I feel so embarrassed
I can't look at you
I feel shy because I've fallen in love"

"What should I do?"

Source: MBC’s We Got Married Official Site


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