whether Seohyun is the ideal woman type of Yonghwa?

check the truth here...

At CNBLUE HOLIKA INTERVIEW with BANG TV in Thailand. The host asked the boys about their ideal woman, and Yonghwa said it around 1:10 like this :

FR baidu

"I don't have specific requests towards my ideal type: Firstly, I hope she is the pure kind, and has a feminine personality, and someone who is honest. Also for appearances I like (girls with) long hair, hopefully wavy long hair. For size...I hope she is slightly taller past my shoulder, and I like clear and clean eyes.. and a girl who knows how to take care of herself / self disciplined."

And do you know why Minhyuk was smiling and also Jonghyun,Jungshin was laughing ? Do you think that its 100% Seohyun ? Lets looking forward to this. ^_^


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