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Hc (sang pinocchio with guest for a bit) later, we’ll welcome victoria’s husband, oh no, it’s seohyun’s husband, kekeke, bye

Hc – today’s guest is cnblue, welcome

Cnblue – hi everyone, we are cnblue

Hc – today, all 4 came, JS?

JS – cos hiong invites, so for sure have to come

Hc – if I invite, you should be coming here since January

JS – hahaha

HC – JYH, your voice ok today?

YH – yup, no problem today

HC – good!, another one, wore glasses today, looks very ‘arrogant’, JH

JH – because has been having eye problem, so I wore glasses, apologies

HC – today’s inkigayo you also wore glasses right? Please recover soon! and finally MH, he came here not because of me right? He likes donghae the most right?

MH – ah, don’t say that, I really like HC sunbaenim too

HC – you see, he sounds exactly like donghae, how was it when you filmed the mv with donghae

MH – donghae really takes good care of me, the shooting was great

HC – what are you guys busy with lately?

YH – filming drama with MH, and also promotions and performances for the new album

HC – oh, so must be very busy then. Sorry for asking you all come today

Cnblue – hahaha.. nooo

HC – I heard that YH can imitate SimonD very well? Please show us a bit

……. YH doing… pls refer to the youtube cut

HC – went to SD’s house the other day, he said it himself that YH imitates him very well……YH imitates hongki very well too right?

YH singing Love love love

HC – it’s like exactly the same, the only person who said it’s not is hongki himself, kekeke… have you three practiced any other tricks recently?

JS – (skipped: talking about who he imitates)

HC – cnblue’s 2nd song is love girl, it’s composed by YH, MV feels refreshing too

YH – follow this rhythm, the fingers snapping also appear in the song

HC – love related songs, if you sang a lot, you’ll start to falling in love too… you all don’t have girlfriends too right? I think I consider myself as single too (no girlfriend is what he said)… let’s listen to this song – love girl

summarised – asking listeners to ask questions)

L – to you, KHC is..?

JS – idol

JH – a sunbae that we are really thankful for, when we debuted, no one knows us, only HC hiong said hello to us

HC – it’s because hongki asked me to take good care of you ah… I’m also very thankful of you guys now, went to a music program the other day, so many newbies that I don’t even know, I was hiding at one corner, luckily you guys came and said hi to me, kekekeke

L – any plans to debut in Russia?

HC – cnblue is very well known in lots of country these days

YH – nah… how can we compare to SJ?

HC – yea, my bad..

Cnblue – hahaha…

HC – last time when we went to Thailand, the crowd really went off when cnblue came out

JH – that time, the audience was holding blue balloons, I thought they were for us, but later we found out that they were for SJ

HC – it’s ok, SJ’s fans is cnblue’s , cnblue’s fan is SJ’s

Cnblue – can we..

HC – if not, you want them to fight? Kekeke, it’s better to love each other

HC – who is the most romantic one amongst the four of you?

Cnblue – should be MH, he knows a lot about dating, like where to go, where to eat etc…

HC – really? I don’t even know, kekeke, all four of you are great, anyone that you secretly in love before? Give her an audio message

JH – (giving the audio message)


L – I wish I can celebrate 100-day with my lover

HC – JS celebrated 100 day before?

JS – I didn’t date > 100 days….

HC – I also didn’t > 3 months, haha, can’t believe there’s someone like me, how old are you?

JS – 21 this year

HC – hmm, 8 years difference

L – I wish to date cnblue’s YH oppa, but I’m so much younger than him

HC – you prefer someone that is older or younger than you?

MH – I hope we are the same age, we ‘have the same language’

JS – I also hope we are at the same age, or a bit older than me

JH – I hope she is 10 years older than me or 1 year younger

HC – anyone being dumped before?

JH – I do, because I couldn’t bear dumping anyone, so at the end, I’m the one who got dumped.

HC – wah, you are a dating expert, me too, I scared that people will criticise me if I dumped her, so, I waited until I got dumped. JH, how did you get dumped?

JH – just that I couldn’t get hold of her, and never picks up her phone, no matter how many times I called.

HC – oh… so, let’s ask dating expert YH how to dealt with this type of situation, what to do if you couldn’t get hold of your girlfriend?

YH – this.. you only can go straight to her house, wait at the door, sure will get her right?

YH – your answer is the same style as WGM, kekeke (I don’t quite understand this myself)

The rest of the conversation is about how YH lose weight and introducing about the songs, nothing new

Credit 金希澈吧 / @SHARLIN92783 via twitter *thank you dear*
c-gogomas baidu forum

Starts at 3:14.

LeeTeuk: Between Sulli and SeoHyun, choose one of them to be your little sister.
Yong: Who and who?
Teuk: Between Sulli and SeoHyun, who would you choose to be your little sister?
Yong: Little sister? Of course it's Sulli!
Teuk: Ahhh, if Sulli is the little sister, what is Seohyun?
Yong: "Seohyunnie is... Uh- yes... since/because we got married..."! hahahhaha!



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