We Got Married- Yongseo couple's last story
What is the last present that Jung YongHwa prepared for his wife?

This week on We Got Married, the Yongseo couple that have received a lot of love from viewers will broadcast their final story.

Last week, the Jung Yonghwa-Seohyun couple were given the final mission of "Present each other with the happiest day". In order to have a happy final day together, the two decided to reenact their first meeting and returned to the MBC lobby and CN Blue's practice room and recollected many memories of their happy married life. At this time, Seohyun surprised her husband with her own version of the banmal song on the guitar and touched Jung Yonghwa..

This week, the secret present that Jung Yonghwa prepared will be revealed. Specifically, it has an even deeper meaning because it expresses all of the things the husband regrets that he wasn't able to do for his wife in their marriage life of over a year.

What will Seohyun's reaction be after receiving Jung Yonghwa's gift, how will the Yongseo couple's final day end.. Find out on 'Yongseo couple's final story' the final episode which will air in the evening of April 2 on MBC

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Yonghwa♡Seohyun: Wishing time would stop!
To give 'each other the happiest day' as a present, YongSeo couple who went on a 'first meeting tour'!
Going back to look for the Shindangdong ddukbokki shop and the shop where they bought their 2000won couple ring on their first meeting~
For Yong-nampyeon who was constantly saying 'Hyun-buin has changed', the reason is?
So, how did the couple spend their remaining 290,000won magnificently?

Yonghwa♡Seohyun who return to their Sangdo-dong house for their final farewell!
What are the precious items that each person would like to keep from their newly-wed's house?
Also on the way back to Hyun-buin's dorm, the 'last present' that Yong-nampyeon prepared is?
The final ending to YongSeo couple's 'happiest day ever', big reveal!


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