SBS released a preview for their April 19th episode of Strong Heart earlier today. In the preview, CNBlue's Jung Yonghwa, known to SONEs as Seohyun's husband during their run on We Got Married, yelled "Seohyun, I love you" to the camera. Afterwards, Yonghwa could not believe that he had said that, commenting, "Man, what should I do?" Having seen Yonghwa's expression of love for Seohyun, viewers are now curious about next week's episode and the circumstances behind Yonghwa's statements.

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1、There is an actress called 孙恩书(I do not know how to type in English),she looks alike SH.

So ,KHD asked YH:"Does 孙恩书 and SH look alike?"
YH said :"They are similar in temperament."
KHD:"Who do you think is prettier?"
YH:"they both are charming,but,I think SH is prettier."

KHD was not satisfied(We all know ,he likes to make loveline^^)Then he asked YH to shout out the girl he loves,孙恩书 or SH. At first ,YH hesitated for a while,however,people in the studio gathered together to make fun of 孙恩书 and YH.Besides,金永哲said:"If you want to finish the recording quickly,just say '孙恩书,I love you!'" However,YH shouted "SH,I love you." What's more, It seemed like he was out of control himself and he shouted for more than 10 times. People were all in a panic and asked him to stop.

2、YH was very funny when he yelled out "万岁",KHD asked him to do more.

3、YH smiled all the time,he was nervous and shy.Fans in the studio said he was cute

Do you remember 08/17/2010 Strong Heart? This has been cut.
黄宝拉 said YH was her ideal type and KHD asked them to have an eye contact.But,YH refused to do so.He said he had a wife now.

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