1. Touchless Automatic Trash Can

As you know, the trash is very dirty, no single person who likes megangnya.Tetapi with infrared sensors, this trash can opens automatically as long as you are in the range of 6 inches from the sensor. Three seconds after the finish, close the slide will be closed automatically. You can buy it on Amazon for $ 80 dollars

2. Barcode trashcan

Did you know that not all types of plastic can be recycled? Have you ever noticed the bottom of a bottle of mineral water you drink? There is usually a sign of recycling can be found with the middle digit. These signs indicate whether this plastic waste can be recycled or not.
This tool is a smart bins equipped with a barcode.
For those of you who do not understand what that barcode, the barcode is the code (which is usually a vertical line) that can be used to simplify the process of identifying an item. Barcode applications most easily found in supermarkets or department to expedite the service process. The waiter stayed directs the sensor to the barcode and the price will soon appear.

3. Star Wars R2-D2 Trash Can

If you are bored with simple garbage bins, then you can buy a Star Wars R2D2 trashcan. Available at Amazon with a price of $ 139.99

4. Crusader's Great Helm Gothic Trash Bin

Adding a touch of the century into office space with Great Helm Crusader's gothic thrash Bins ($ 50). This is a large 12th century gothic style. cast in quality designer resin and finished in faux metal to see the original.

5. Expanding Office Bin

This trash can expand if the contents of the trash. You can get it at a price ($ 65)

6. Ovetto Bin

Italian architect Gianluca Soldi, who is heavily involved in the environment, designing Ovetto Bin, ($ 255) to make recycling easier and more organized, it offers three separate divisions for different types of recycling. Each component has a door for bag removal and closing to decrease waste, and different colors to put the incoming waste.

7. Garbage Pin

Garbage Pin is the pin that can be used on clothing but it looks like a small basketball hoop plus the plastic serves as a trash can.
People will say if you like to dispose of useless garbage.
But for some people who always keep garbage in the pocket of pants or clothing (so as not to pollute the environment), Garbage Pin may be useful.
Moreover, by wearing a pin-sized 4.5 cm x 3cm x2cm this everyone would have thought that the users are people who care about cleanliness and who knew she would be interested.

8. Armstrong Bin

Parks & Sungwoo Sukwon designed to compress our garbage production volume every day. The name comes from Bin Armstrong the first man who landed on the moon, as you will waste your first landed here.

9. Minus Trash Can

Designer Turkish origin, Cem Tutuncuoglu had the bright idea to keep the rats pengincar foul smell from your kitchen. With his creativity he successfully created a Garbage Container Frozen Minus. From the name was predictable that the results of his work is in the form of bins that can keep your organic waste in order to keep the temperature is below zero degrees so as not remove the smell of decay and rot.

10. Gold Plated Trash Can

Designed by Sylvie Fleur, The gold-coated garbage. There are only 25 pieces worldwide. With a minimum purchase of S $ 15,000, you will get this valuable trash in your own home bins will not make your life easier, but how cool bins is entirely made of gold.

source: kaskus.us


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