Joke Day

Tim : "Grandma, my new neighbor's grandmother, my name is Rachel. "

Grandma: "Oh, please sit down ... please sit down."

At another talk, on the table there is a jar of cashew nuts

Tim : "Oh Grandma, can I taste it nuts?"

Grandma: "Oh ... Yes ... Yes ... may ... may ... may ..."

It was so delicious cashew nuts, until out of the jar.

Tim : "oh ... sorry Grandma, her nuts until they run out ya ..."

Grandma: "Oh, no nothing, grandma also can not eat, your teeth strong grandmother not bite ... well, now out about it from my grandmother used to Collect"

Tim : "Ooohhh ... make themselves Grandma?"

Grandma: "not ... of the chocolate brand" xxxxxx "... grandma sucking it clean. " hahahaha


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