When you think of flowers, you might think about a garden full of roses or a stretch of green fields dotted with fresh daisies.

Seems there are times when nature wants us to be amazed at the rarity than beauty.

1. The Naked Coral Tree - Erythrina coralloides

Erythrina coralloides also known as the Coral Tree Fire, this is the kind of flowering tree in the pea family Fabaceae, can be found ranging from the U.S. state of Arizona to Oaxaca in Mexico. These plants have a hard red petals, looks like a coral / reef, where usually grows in the desert.

2. Enter the dragon - Darcunculus vulgaris

Looks like something from a science fiction movie, 'Darcunculus Vulgaris' also known as the Dragon Arum, Voodoo Snake Lily or Lily. Originally discovered in Greece and in south western part of Anatolia. Recently introduced as well to America, can be found in Oregon, California and Tennessee. This species has a large purple scarf and a handle. It has a very unpleasant smell at least for humans. Flies pollinate these plants as trap them with inflorescence light in the morning and night flying insects are full of pollen.

3. Rafflesia

Rafflesia is a parasitic flower that was discovered by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1818 during an expedition through the rain forests of Indonesia. Part of plant propagation is seen in addition to the flower stem. Flowers have five petals big round and can grow to more than 100 centimeters. Rafflesias smell like rotten meat, this is a tactic to attract insects such as flies or carrion beetles for pollination purposes.

4. Strange fruit - Barringtonia asiatica

Barringtonia asiatica, also known as Sea Poison Tree comes from the Indian Ocean. Pointy edges resembling petals resembling something you usually find on the lava lamp. The size of the middle of a tree that grows from flower petals to produce fruit that is almost square.

5. Furry but strange - Stapelia grandiflora

If you discard the plant because they are not furry and fun to watch then you will find half the criteria mentioned Stapelia grandiflora originating from South Africa. Carrion Flower is named as well as Zulu and Giant, this plant has a soft furry appearance that serves to attract insects to pollinate them.



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