Divine cigarette is the use of nano-biology to tame smoke cigarettes and utilized for human health through particles that depicted able to become a provider of electricity transfers electrons to the system in normal physiological processes. Doubts will be powerless to cure tobacco smoke, can be answered.

Before getting sick, if someone said that there is no way to treat cancer with tobacco, especially cigarettes, you would say, "Bloody hell, indeed!". But now when someone asked about treatment with nano-biology techniques, many of which already proved it.
Jerky therapy utilizing an enriched cigarette divine various amino acids via nano biology approach. Nano-biology approach allows divine cigarette smoke are thought to bind to mercury is the culprit causing liver cancer.

acute stage liver cancer can be cured thanks to therapy jerky, namely skin smear detoxification process by using various materials buster free radicals in combination with cigarette smoke divine. That was done in an effort to lift mercury and other harmful metals from the body. Cigarette smoke-shaped nano-sized particles easily penetrate and minimize free radical, especially mercury from the body.
In principle, the body has the ability to perform self-regeneration and self repair, in this way homeostasis of normal life can go. Things like this become jammed or did not occur in people sick because of the biological process that is inefficient, particularly in the management of energy flow. It was marked by a large pile of free radicals. With jerky process, setting free radical homeostasis can be performed, and patients can more quickly and more easily cured. After 6 months, the results showed that his cancer began to shrink.


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