For eight months, CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa has been MCing alongside 2AM’s Jo Kwon and f(x)’s Sulli for SBS’s “Inkigayo“. The star has decided that it’s time for him to retire his ‘Inkigayo’ mic, and he plans to bid farewell to viewers during this week’s episode.
According to an SBS representative, Jung Yonghwa will be hosting his last episode on March 13th. He decided to end his ‘Inkigayo’ career because his schedule was becoming too packed; Yonghwa will not only be preparing for CNBLUE’s upcoming promotions, but he will also be filming for MBC’s new drama, “Festival“. He also has to film for MBC’s “We Got Married.”
The sunny MC will be replaced by not just one, but two MCs. “Inkigayo” will be introducing IU and B2ST’s Kikwang to MC alongside Jo Kwon and Sulli for future episodes.

A SBS representative spoke through Star News and revealed, “There will now be four MCs. Lee Kikwang is known for his talented MCing skills amongst the other idols, and we expect him to create a synergy effect alongside Jo Kwon.”
Regarding IU, he continued, “IU is one of the representative female idols alongside Sulli. We’re looking forward to the skills she’ll show off as MC.”
The new team will greet viewers on the March 20th Inkigayo episode.



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