Starting at the 0:24 mark.

Sub: after buying the cape…

H: Fur. Fur obsession.

Y: I’m not obsessed. I just like it…

Y: Which one do you like?

H: Mmm…clean ones.

MC: She likes clean, simple things.

MC: He keeps picking snake, fur…

H: I think you have weird tastes.

Y: This is all right.

H: Still…

Sub: Yong husband’s preferences (?) foreign to Hyun wife

H: Do I have a lot of chances to wear boots?

Y: I wear boots…

H: You do?

Y: Red ones.

H: Oh, I saw it, I saw.

H: Oh, these ones are cute.

Y: Cute, right?

H: Yeah.

Y: Get the pink ones.

H: Pink?

H: They’re cute.

Sub: This time (?) she likes his recommendation…

Y: Cute?

H: Yeah.

MC: She could wear those and go to the sweet potato field.

H: I want to try them.

Sub: trying on the boots he recommended…

H: Ah, something’s weird!

Sub: trying on boots for the first time thanks to Yong

H: Oh, it’s really comfortable.

Y: It’s pretty, it’s pretty.

H: Doesn’t it feel like we have to go into a swamp?

H: Okay.

Y: Okay?

Sub: decides to buy the boots

Y: We’ll take these.

Cashier: 98,000 won.

Y: Bulk payment, please.

Y: You like it?

H: Yes, I like it a lot. Thank you.

Y: Wear it when it’s snowing.

H: Okay.

Sub: Hyun wife getting brighter

H: Thank you~

Sub: finished with shoe shopping…

MC: I feel happy myself.

Sub: the spectators are also happy…

MC: Now you need to buy bags!

MC: Full set…

At the 2:00 mark.

H: It would be nice if we could look at some of your stuff.

Y: No, it’s fine.

H: We bought too much of my things.

Y: No, we need to buy more.

H: What do you mean, buy more.

Y: I’m going to borrow my mother’s card.

H: I’m hungry.

Y: Do you like dim sum?

H: Dim sum?

H: I haven’t eaten them.

Sub: Hyun wife who’s unfamiliar with dim sum

H: Are they good?

Y: Yeah, they’re like dumplings.

H: Ah, it’s hot.

Y: Give me your clothes.

MC: Today’s full service.

Sub: Yong husband delivering excellent service today

MC: For me, rather than buying shoes and stuff like that, but when I eat good stuff…

MC: Right. You feel better.

MC: I work to eat good stuff.

MC: The reason you work is to eat good stuff?

MC: Yes…

Y: When was the last time we ate out?

H: We barely did…at the rotating sushi place.

Y: It’s been a long time.

H: That’s true.

Y: In a little while, I have to leave for a schedule.

H: Huh? What schedule?

Y: A comedy program.

Sub: Yong husband who has a broadcast schedule in the evening

H: Oh, really? Then what do I do?

Y: I’ll go and come out really quickly.

H: Mmm…

Y: Do you want to wait?

At the 3:17 mark.

H: How long will it take?

Y: 30 minutes to 1 hour?

H: It doesn’t take very long.

Sub: Thankfully doesn’t take up much time…

H: Okay, fine.

Sub: relief at her agreeing to stay…

MC: The food’s out.

H: Thank you.

MC: Oh, it looks good.

H: Ok Joo-hyun unnie bought these for me.

Y: Really?

H: I’ll eat it well.

Y: Eat a lot. I’ll pay.

MC: If you eat it too fast, you’ll burn your mouth.

H: You ate it all? It must be hot…

Y: It’s hot.

Sub: looks like it fits with Hyun wife’s taste!

MC: Looks delicious. (x3)

MC: How much is that? I brought 20,000 won with me…

MC: It’s going to be hard with 20,000 won.

MC: Then I’ll have to eat it next time.

At the 4:20 mark.

Sub: the dim sum continuing to arrive

Y: Do you like the clothes?

H: Yes, I like it.

Y: You like it?

H: I like it.

Sub: wants to check on her feelings…

Y: Feeling better?

H: But still…

Y: Yeah…I know…

Y: You shouldn’t feel better with only this, right?

H: Well, that…a little…

H: It’s like it’s in different rooms.

Y: Huh?

H: That feeling and this feeling are in different rooms.

Y: I know…

MC: Even though he did all that, she’s still upset.

MC: The scarf room and the shopping room are separate.

H: But thank you for trying.

Y: It’s okay…

At the 5:14 mark.

H: To use an analogy…I have a horrible headache. So Yong husband brought a lot of medicine. But he brought cough medicine, eye drops, bandages…of course I’m thankful for bringing the medicine, but I have a headache. But he didn’t bring any fever reducer, and just brought things that have nothing to do at all with headaches.

MC: Oh, her analogy is perfect.

Y: I don’t know where it’s going into.

H: Did you go to Myungdong very often?

Y: Not often.

H: When did you come?

Y: When I was filming “You’re Beautiful”.

H: Oh, I know what you’re talking about.

Sub: Yong husband’s debut, the drama “You’re Beautiful”

Y: Hey, Go Minam. There’s something I really want to tell you.

PSH: What do you want to tell me?

Y: Turn around a little bit from where you are now.

At the 6:07 mark.

Sub: Yong husband when he was a milk boy (?)

Y: If you make a left turn…

H: “It’s there.”

Sub: Hyun wife getting into the drama play

Y: Should we go out to Myungdong?

H: Go outside?

Y: Take a stroll.

H: Okay.

Y: Should we go?

H: Let’s go.

Sub: the sky getting dark

Y: Wow.

H: Wow.

Sub: the two people out on the streets of Myungdong

Sub: the brightly lit night of Myungdong

MC: In our time, Myungdong was a place for dates and meeting with friends.

MC: I heard that you were a Myungdong regular.

Y: Wow, this isn’t a joke.

Sub: feeling excited going out on the streets…

Y: Yahh, this is where I was catching Minam.

Y: “Just take one more step…”

H: You ended up losing her.

Sub: losing her right in front of him…

Y: This is how you should do it.

Sub: reenacting the drama in the middle of the street…

H: Gloves!

At the 7:22 mark.

Y: Huh?

H: Let’s buy gloves.

Sub: picking gloves at an open-air shop…

Y: Try this color.

H: I’ll pay!

Y: Really?

Y: Aren’t earmuffs pretty uncomfortable?

Sub: this time, picking earmuffs…

H: But they’re really warm.

Y: Really?

H: White!

Y: Ah, they’ll get dirty.

H: White is pretty, though.

H: The black one…

Y: Is it too roasted chestnut-style?

MC: He’s cute~

Sub: trying it on Hyun

Y: Look at the mirror.

H: I think this is the best one.

MC: couple earmuffs?

Sub: buying couple earmuffs!

H: You’ll treat it preciously, right?

Y: Of course I will.

H: I’ll pay.

H: Thank you!

Y: Thank you.

Sub: Hyun also pays for the earmuffs!

At the 8:28 mark.

Sub: Yong husband porch sign!!

H: You’re over there!

Y: Hello!

H: Who is that?

Y: I’m seeing this for the first time!

H: It’s funny.

H: Wow, it’s so amazing.

Sub: finishing the Myungdong street date

Y: Time went by really fast, I don’t think we did much apart from buy clothes.

H: I know.

H: People usually go to Myungdong with friends. I was always jealous of them.

Sub: the streetlights scattered across the winter night

H: Oh, so beautiful.

H: Oh, it’s a skating rink!

Sub: street illuminated like it’s snowing

Sub: skating rink at the City Hall plaza!!

Part 2.

H: Wow. It’s really pretty.

H: Do you want to skate after you’re done?

Y: At Yeouido? Do you want to?

H: I want to.

Y: Okay.

Sub: gladly agreeing for his wife

Y: If we fall, it’s going to be a big deal.

Sub: deciding on their last date course for the day…

H: Thank you.

Y: Don’t say that, I was the one that screwed up…

H: Then…go with your earmuffs.

Y: When?

H: Now.

Y: To the broadcast?

H: Yes. It’s a mission.

Sub: giving a mission to wear the earmuffs during broadcast…

Y: I’ll hang it on my neck.

H: Okay.

Y: It’s going to be funny.

Sub: practicing (?) in advance…

MC: It’s cute.

Sub: arriving near the broadcast station!

Sub: leaving the car to wait for her husband…

H: Hmmm~ it’s pretty.

Sub: the promised 30 minutes have passed…

Sub: the husband’s broadcast is being delayed

Comedian: I heard that CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa is here today…

Comedian: do you know why Seohyun can’t speak informally toyou?

Comedian: it’s because your face is too old.

Sub: Hyun wife’s waiting becomes longer…

Sub: Yong husband finally finishes

At the 1:44 mark.

Y: Seohyun.

H: Where are you?

MC: She must’ve waited for a while.

Y: I just finished. There were a lot of delays.

Y: Seohyun!

H: Ohh…why did you finish so late?

Y: Kept getting pushed back…I’m sorry.

Y: Sorry, sorry…

H: It’s okay…

Y: It was hard, right?

H: It’s fine.

Y: Sorry.

Sub: only sorrowful things keep happening today

Sub: will he able to make her feel better at the skatingrink

Sub: YongSeo finally arriving at the skating rink

Y: I can’t hear very well.

Y: I can hear my voice inside of my ears.

Y: I think it’s snowing.

H: Huh?

Y: I thought I just saw snow.

H: Oh? Snow…snow!

H: I’ve never skated outdoors before.

Y: Me neither.

Y: Is it here?

Y: Don’t I need to pay?

At the 3:00 mark.

Sub: side effect of the couple earmuffs

H: I think I need to take these off. I can’t hear anything.

Y: Two! Two adults!

Y: Oh, I took them off, right. I was screaming to myself.

Cashier: 2,000 won.

Y: Do you take cards?

Y: Oh, I have it…never mind.

Cashier: Do you both have gloves?

Y: Yes.

H: Yes.

Y: It’s like we’re at the ski resort.

H: It’s like we’re riding boards again.

MC: At the ski resort, our Yong husband was very cool, I wonder what he’ll be like today.

Sub: putting away their things in the lockers…

Y: Ah, I need 500 won.

Sub: keeps needing to use cash…

Sub: putting it in first…

Y: It’s okay, no one will know.

H: It’s opening.

Y: I borrowed it for you!

MC: He really is doing a lot of things “for her” today.

Sub: skating for the first time in a while!

H: Oh, I’m suddenly getting nervous.

Y: Ah, I don’t really ride very well.

Y: Can you put them on?

H: I don’t know.

Y: I’ll do it for you.

MC: I really like guys a lot when they do that.

Y: Tell me when it hurts. How’s your knee?

Sub: putting it on meticulously…

Y: Where do we go in? Oh, over there.

H: Oh, the people are skating!

At the 4:30 mark.

H: Ah, what do I do?

Sub: Yong choding running as soon as he sees

H: I can’t skate!

Sub: Yong husband entering first!

Y: Oh, it’s going!

MC: It looks so fun!

Sub: Yong husband moving rapidly ahead

H: You skate fine!

Y: I’m alive!

H: You ride really well!

Sub: Hyun following after her husband!

Sub: envious (?) of the good skaters…

MC: There’s even a single man.

MC: I need to go to places like that.

MC: Let’s go.

MC: Quickly.

Sub: Hyun riding well by now…

MC: She’s doing fine…

Sub: but…

At the 5:36 mark.

Y: Are you okay?

H: Yes, I’m fine.

H: I remember when I was riding the snowboard.

Y: Up! Get up! Go down!

Sub: Spartan instructor (?) Yong’s memories

Y: Get up! Up!

H: Ah, really!

Y: Okay, come here.

Sub: teaching her holding hands…

MC: That’s how you need to ride.

Y: You fall down when you don’t move. Slightly, slightly.

MC: They hold hands naturally.

MC: Oh, they’re still holding hands.

MC: Do you want to hold hands?

MC: The cameras only shoot from the waist up.

Y: You’re doing well now.

H: This is fun. Now I feel…slightly less scared.

Y: Do you get the feel?

H: Yes.

H: You skate well.

Y: Me?

Sub: said he couldn’t skate…now showing off his skills!

At the 6:40 mark.

H: Ohhh~ this is fun.

Sub: the snowflakes getting thicker

MC: Oh, the snow, it’s so romantic.

Y: It’s nice when we’re skating in the snow…

Sub: Hyun wife who seems to be feeling much better

H: It’s so pretty.

MC: And the lights looks like stage lights!

Y: Seohyun…I’m sorry.

H: It’s okay.

Y: Really sorry.

Y: There’s a limit to how much I can say sorry with just words.

MC: Apologizing is hard, too.

Y: How should I cheer you up?

H: I don’t know.

Y: I’m sorry for losing the scarf.

Y: And sorry for arriving late.

H: Ah, really…saying sorry for the entire day.

MC: If you say sorry too much…

Sub: feeling worse because he keeps feeling sorry

MC: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

MC: Nayoung, I’m really really really really really sorry.

At the 8:06 mark.

Y: Sorry.

H: Ah~

Y: Okay, okay.

Sub: Yong can only say he’s sorry.

H: But it was fun.

H: I was very thankful, and I also felt a bit sorry. I started thinking, “maybe my feelings are wrong?” He works so hard to make me feel better, so are these feelings wrong? Or…is that just how it goes? Because honestly, at the core of it, I’m still upset. I don’t know. Just…

Sub: Even Hyun wife can’t understand Hyun wife’s thoughts…

Y: I’m sorry, Seohyun. I’ll treat you a hundred million times better.

Y: I’ll try hard. Trust me. I’ll look for it again.

H: It should be there...who am I kidding…

Sub: will he be able to find the lost scarf…

Sub: 3 weeks later…

MC: 3 weeks have passed.

Sub: Yong returned from Japan

Sub: Hyun from a distance

Y: Seohyun.

MC: His voice changed because it’s been a while.

H: Who is it?

Sub: will Yong have found the scarf?

Part 3.

Sub: 3 weeks after their Myungdong date

Sub: the park where Hyun gifted him the scarf last time

Sub: Yong looking slightly anxious…

Sub: will he have found the scarf?

Sub: Hyun wife appears

Y: Seohyun!

Sub: in front of his wife…

H: Who is it?

Y: It’s me!

H: You dyed your hair!

Y: That’s right, I’m a black dragon.

Sub: glad to see each other, but…

H: Wow, it’s interesting! It fits you.

MC: Dark hair also looks good.

Sub: Hyun glad to see Yong after so long

MC: He’s handsome.

H: How’ve you been?

Y: I got back from Japan today. For a week.

H: You came back today?

MCs: to find the scarf!

At the 1:00 mark.

Y: To shoot a music video.

H: A Japanese music video?

Y: No, a Korean one.

MC: He said he would find the scarf.

Y: I went to Japan,Seohyun…

H: The scarf! Scarf!

Sub: thinking of the scarf again…

H: Scarf.

Sub: what about the scarf he promised to find?

Y: It wasn’t there.

H: The scarf! Scarf, scarf…

MC: He’s lying.

H: Liar.

Y: I’m sorry.

MC: Ah, what will he do.

MC: Someone must’ve thrown it away.

H: Impossible…

Y: I like your clothes.

H: Don’t change the subject.

Y: I saw you wear it at the airport.

H: Ah, really. Did you really lose it?

Y: Yeah, I really lost it.

Sub: checking again to make sure…

MC: I think she believes him.

MC: The inside of the backpack.

H: How did you lose it?

Y: I don’t know, I thought it would be there but it wasn’t.

Sub: looked carefully but couldn’t find in the end

Y: I’m sorry.

At the 2:00 mark.

MC: He says he doesn’t have it.

MC: But he plays tricks like that so often.

H: I can’t believe you.

Y: Seohyun. Didn’t you want to see me?

H: I didn’t want to see you. I wanted to see the scarf.

H: Ah, my scarf~

Y: You wanted to see me.

Y: Seohyun. I’m cold.

H: I’m cold, too.

Y: Knit me a scarf.

MC: Ahhh~ did he find it? I think he found it.

H: Ahh, really.

Sub: Yong husband pushing it

Y: Knit me a scarf.

MC: Such a choding.

H: I’m never going to knit you anything else in my life. Itwas my last present.

Y: Knit me a scarf…my neck feels empty.

H: Then just go around like that!

Y: Is it really that hard to make a scarf?

H: It’s hard!

At the 3:00 mark.

Y: It looks easy to me…

H: That’s not true.

H: Knitting in one direction is easy. Both directions ishard.

Y: Inside knitting, outside knitting? How many tails did youuse?

H: 36 tails!

MC: Did he knit one?

MC: Did he make one himself?

MC: Could he have done that in 3 weeks?

MC: Something’s weird.

Y: Inside-outside knitting is really hard…they say.

MC: They say.

MC: If he knit one, that’s seriously impressive.

MC: I wonder what that means.

Y: Your nostrils are flaring.

H: Ahh…really.

Y: Do you have a runny nose?

H: No.

Y: I knew you’d be like this, so I…

MC: I think he found it!

Y: I bought one.

MC: He said he bought it.

Sub: the new scarf he bought?

At the 4:00 mark.

MC: Maybe he made it?

MC: The color’s wrong.

H: Did you really buy it?

Y: Yeah.

H: Where?

Y: In Japan…

H: Japan where?

Y: In Shibuya.

H: Really?

Y: Yeah.

Y: Open it.

H: Thank you.

H: It’s pretty.

Y: I picked out a pink one.

H: The pink is pretty.

Sub: Hyun thankful for Yong’s caring

Y: I bought a long one, because –

H: Huh? Something’s weird?

Sub: an extended thread

H: Isn’t this a bad product?

Y: I was about to make a flower but it came apart.

MC: He made it!

Y: I heard you like long scarves.

MC: Oh, it’s long.

H: Wow! It’s pretty.

Y: Isn’t the color really pretty?

MC: To say it’s pretty doesn’t really match the…

MC: The quality isn’t very good.

Y: The maker did it tail by tail.

H: You didn’t knit it, right?

Y: Ehh…do you think I would have?

H: Exactly.

At the 5:12 mark.

H: Thank you.

Sub: In any case, Hyun happy to receive the present

Y: That person did this right here.

H: It’s really pretty.

Y: So I bought one for myself.

Sub: bought (?) another one?

H: Why do you keep buying stuff?

Y: I bought a grey one.

H: Really?

Y: But that person was sleepy, so it came out a littleweird.

MC: Who’s that person?

Y: I asked for it to be made in a kind of S shape.

H: This really looks like it was knitted by hand.

Y: It was!

Y: This color, it – it really fits me.

Sub: amiably putting on their couple scarves

Y: It’s long.

H: Thank you.

H: It’s really long.

Y: You look dressed up.

At the 6:00 mark.

Y: It really matches with spring.

H: It matches with spring?

Y: It’s spring…

H: Who wears a scarf in spring?

H: Really, where did you buy it?

Y: Huh?

Sub: even packed the gloves they bought at Myungdong

MC: The gloves they bought.

Y: Shinjuku.

H: Shinjuku?

MC: Didn’t he say Shibuya earlier?

Y: I bought it in Japan.

H: Looking at it, I don’t think it would’ve been veryexpensive.

Y: It’s totally expensive.

H: No, something’s wrong.

Y: It was made over 2 weeks.

H: You made it?

Y: No, the designer…

Y: Do I look like I have that much time on my hands?

H: You don’t do it because you have time. I wasn’t free either! This is too much!

Y: Ah, I know. Why is your hand so cold?

H: Because I’m cold.

Y: What happened to your gloves?

Sub: going to take out her gloves??

Y: It’s a present.

At the 7:00 mark.

Sub: a notebook for a…present??

H: What is it?

Y: I said I took time to reflect.

MC: He wrote a letter of apology.

Y: You’re going to see some amazing quality.

H: I’m looking forward to it.

Y: Read it page by page!

H: Okay.

Sub: what could be inside the notebook?

H: Ohhh!

H: So surprised.

Sub: what did Hyun wife see that surprised her?

H: Really?

MC: What is it?

Sub: picture of yarn…and…

Sub: a memo written by Yong husband…

Sub: then Yong knitted the scarf himself?!

H: Did you really knit it yourself?

Y: Yes.

H: Really??

Y: I did!

MC: It’s photographic proof!

MC: Wow, that’s going to make girls cry.

Sub: Hyun can’t close her mouth

MC: I think I’m going to cry.

MC: Why?

MC: It has nothing to do with you.

At the 8:07 mark.

H: Started on the first tail! It’s so hard and confusing. Loosening it and knitting again, again and again, making holes and loosening it again…

H: That’s right, I did that a lot too.

Sub: knowing only now the world of knitting…

H: I think I did this for around 3 days. Anyways, it’s hard…look forward to it.

H: What’s this?

Y: Tadpoles.

H: Tadpoles?

Y: Frogs were too hard to draw.

H: What are you doing now? We’re always a seagull couple…[NOTE: This is a term that refers to married couples that spend most of their time apart from each other because of work, etc.] That’s right. Are these seagulls?

Sub: cute knitting notes

H: They look like goldfish bread. [NOTE: Goldfish bread are sweet cakes that are cut in shapes of goldfish.]

H: If you look at it, the ball of yarn is quite big. Was it really this big?

Y: Yeah.

Sub: the reason why it’s so big…

H: Did you combine these, or…

Y: Originally, I kept loosening and tightening the strands, so it kept expanding.

H: Who did you learn it from?

Y: A knitting room.

H: You went to a knitting room?

MC: A man went to a knitting room. It must’ve been embarrassing.

Sub: Hyun wife suddenly asking questions

H: What happened when you [advanced knitting language]…?

Y: [more advanced knitting language]

At the 9:28 mark.                                          

MC: So now they’re talking about theory.

H: Try it once later. I’ll give you the leftover yarn.

Y: It’s so scary.

H: It must’ve been hard. Right?

MC: When did he knit the grey one?

Y: It was hard…

H: You can understand my feelings now, right?

Y: It was really hard.

Sub: now understanding Hyun’s feelings

Y: I was almost ready to cry.

MC: He must’ve not slept.

H: I was like that!

H: What’s going to happen if I lose this?

Y: I’m really going to cry.

H: Wow. What’s this??

Sub: what surprised Hyun when she saw it?

H: You didn’t do this, right?


MC: Wow, that…

MC: I used to do that a lot when I was young.

H: Ah, funny.

H: This is like in elementary school, when we wrote reflection letters.

Sub: and on the next page…

Sub: Jungshin’s message

At the 10:30 mark.

MC: Jungshin chingoo.

MC: What is he doing?

H: What’s this??

H: Do you like mango? I like mango. Thank you.

H: Hello, Seohyun. It’s your friend Jungshin. You’re doing well? Me, I’m doing well.

MC: When did she ask?

Sub: asking by himself and answering by himself

H: Yonghwa hyung made a really awesome present this time. From what I could see, even though he was really busy, Yong artist spent his time, sweat by sweat, making the pink scarf. He looked handsome. Even though it’s not by an Italian master, the effort is enough to rank it among the very best. Fighting in 2011! From your friend, my friend, our friend, everyone’s friend, the nation’s friend, Jungshin chingoo.

Sub: an ending filled with eagerness for friends

Y: There wasn’t space at the end so he just wrote his initials.

At the 11:31 mark.

Y: This was really hard right here.

H: What’s this?

Y: When I was about to start again after finishing yours, I felt so sad.

H: To make your own. Really, wow…it’s long and really good.

H: Starting over, I’m so dejected…this is so cute!

Y: Really, after I did this, my speed was really…I could work part-time at a knitting shop.

H: Right.

H: Now try knitting in both directions.

Y: Huh? No, that’s a little…

H: I’ll teach you.

Y: Look at how rough this one is.

Sub: on the last page…

H: So cute.

Sub: a 3-dimensional (?) Seohyun paper doll

Y: I made it from a leftover string.

MC: Even a doll wearing a scarf.

H: Hyun! I think it’s been a while since a letter like this and a present of apology. In truth, I was also very down after losing the scarf, I didn’t know what to do. I knew it was more important and more valuable than any other present I had received, and I could see your face while knitting your scarf for me. I thought about how I could get you to feel better, how I could make you understand, what kind of present to give you. I thought pink might suit you well so that was the color that I picked. And I thought that a couple scarf might be nice. Grey for me! At first, I didn’t really know what to do and I worried a lot. But I thought of how you knitted it for me, and I started to knit it one strand at a time. After I finished it, I could understand and imagine your position as you worked so hard on mine. I learned a lot of things from this present. I’ll be an even better husband from now on. I wish that you’d get to know just a little bit of my feelings from this present. I really hope you’ll like the present. From Yong husband.

At the 13:18 mark.

MC: I think that’s even more touching than actually finding the scarf.

MC: Right.

H: I like it.

Y: You like it?

H: Yes! I like it.

Sub: such a relief…

H: You worked really hard.

MC: It must’ve been so hard.

Y: Ah, what a relief. I really wanted to give it to you.

H: Really?

Y: I wanted to cry.

Y: Didn’t I lose weight?

H: I think so.

MC: His face really did get skinnier.

Y: Don’t lose it.

H: Okay.

H: How do you think you’d feel if I lost it?

Y: I think I’ll cry.

MC: Knowing someone’s true feelings is an even happier thing.

H: It’s warm.

Sub: warm even though it’s slightly rough

At the 14:11 mark.

Y: It’s warm, right?

H: Yes.

Y: It’s because it’s full of love.

H: I think so, too. Thank you.

H: Oh, but it’s really cold.

Y: Whatever. I’m finished with what I need to do for today!

Y: It really fits you.

H: Really?

Y: Yeah. I wonder who made it?

H: I wonder who?

Y: It’s really your color.

MC: It looks so cold outside, but the atmosphere is really…

MC: She kept saying how it was cold earlier, but she’s not saying that now.

cr: MountainMadman @soompi


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