Seohyun must have seen her pic kissing Yong and banner here.

Also guitar spotted in this vid.
RT babyErica: on this vid you can see someone bringing a guitar with her 0:42-0:44 if this girl is part of SNSD's entourage to TH then a member brought a guitar with her
Another event here.
RT yongseofacts: Fans sang LOVE and Wetoriya to Seohyun ,and some told "yongseo fighting" and a fans gave hers Yonghwa's photo, She was so embarrassed.

Very clear fancam shot of Taeyeon. Too bad Hyun was not around her.

Another angle of Hyun waving her hands to fans above.
[Fancam] 110311 snsd tiffany sunny hyoyeon @ suvarnabhumi airport thailand

Up-closer shot of SNSD
[FanCam] 110311.SNSD at Suvarnabhumi Airport. by zgarden

Fancam from very far spot
[HD] [FANCAM] [110311] SNSD - Suvanbhumi Airport Bangkok

็ีHyun seems like drawing something on bus window and waved goodbye to fans
[Fancam] 110311 Seohyun @ Suvarnabhumi Airport

New Fancam



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