Translation :
H: Isn't it awkward that I'm speaking in banmal?
Now, not much time is left for these two>
Y: No it's ok.
H: Really?
Y: Yeah, I like it.
Our relationship isn't awkward even when using banmal(?)>
H: I still can't believe it.
Y: What?
H: That's this is the end..
Quietly these two spill their hearts>
Translator's note: There are a few more words uttered here but I can't really hear it as of now.. sorry
H: What is this?
H: Oh my goodness!
The final gifts that these two tediously prepared for each other>
Y: Wow!
H: In order to do this I really..!
Y: In order to do this~ Translator's note: He's imitating Hyun at this point. Forever choding..
Y: What are you gonna do Seo JuHyun?
What do we do now..>
H: What?
Y: You'll be so bored without me, how will you live?
H: Seriously..
Please look out for the final chapter of this story next week> 



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