Part 1
something given to hyun?>
H: It really looks like a newspaper!
CNBlue’s Japanese album>
H: wow thank you so much. Oh there is even a message! Shall I read it outloud? To HYUN! Hyun! The our Japanese album came out. I also heard that you are working in Japan earnestly. Until now fighting! Girls Generation!
Hyun who feels good with her husband’s message>
H: ah! Do you wear your scarf around?
MC: ah! The ….
sudden Yong doesn’t know what to do>
H: What now again?!
MC: he probably didn’t wear it.
H: I will listen to your excuse.
Y: what excuse?
H: what is it?
Y: It’s in Japan.
MC: oh he must have left it!
the scarf that the wife made, he left it in Japan!?>
MC: this is upsetting
H: Why? Why? Please tell me. I’ll listen
Y: It’s not it…
H: What did you say?
Y: It will sound like an excuse
H: I’ll listen to it either way.
even if it’s an excuse hyun-wife wants to listen>
MC: It’s like an excuse
Y: lastly when I was just packing the luggage
H: You call that just luggage!?
MC: WOW that is just too much!
H: give it back to me!
Y: No, I’m not calling it luggage
H: I knitted it really diligently!
MC: that’s right!
MC: wait a second, he said that he left it but why can’t he say that?
is he going to say the reason?>
Y: the end fell off again.
MC: What?
H: what do you mean by that?
Y: the end of it fell off.
MC: omomo!
H: what? It was already loose.
Y: I had it on during a performance…until the rehearsal.
so he did at least wear it.>
Y: you know when you are about to get interviewed you quickly change clothes. I asked them to put it in my bag…
but then the story gets longer>
somehow there is an intense feeling>
H: So, it’s not you lost it right?
Y: So I don’t think I lost it.
MC: thank god.
Y: I wore it until then everywhere!
Yong became urgent>
you really didn’t lose it right?>
Y: when I came back to Korea and unloaded my things is when I realized it. I asked if it was in my other luggage bag because I had three. I looked in the bags and… it wasn’t there.
MC: it’s not there!
MC: So he lost it?
MC: in this world, that only one scarf… the scarf that seohyun meticulously made.
MC: this is a once in a lifetime. This is the same scene if you put the kids away.
MC: really?
Y: it was in my last bag… my bag…not it’s not like that… I’ll look for it! Don’t worry!
MC: Jung –husband made a mistake.
apologetic pats>
suddenly, Yong asked to send a picture of the scarf >
H: he texted me if I had a picture of the scarf on me. Ah, it’s because he must be thankful because I handmade the scarf for him, maybe he is preparing something for me… but the reason was because he lost the scarf… he wanted ME to send a picture.
please find this scarf for me TT_TT>
the picture to send to the Japanese staff>
H: So that’s the reason why he needed the picture.
MC: of course a heavy sigh would come out.
H: I am ready to eat all the gogumas.
yongseo couple’s measuring stick = gogumas>
anger fluttering out>
H: this is really too much!
Y: I really thought I was going to die yesterday.
  so sorry he couldn’t sleep>
Y: It felt as if I was going to die, I’m really sorry!
I want to cry…>
MC: because he is really that sorry, he can only do this much.
Yong-husband who is lost for words because he is sorry>
MC: this is really bad.
I’m sorry>
automatically the hands come together>
Y: I’m really sorry.
3stage cover>
Laid it somewhere -> picked it up-> lost it.>
H: I think I lost all will.
Y: I’m really sorry.
fully sorry>
even he doesn’t realize that he is begging forgiveness>
MC: ah~ this is upsetting. He should have packed that before his passport.
MC: but you know in the airplane you really can’t wear a scarf.
wanting to help a fellow man out>
MC: no way, you have to wear it even if you sweat.
H: so you thought that it wasn’t precious then.
Y: no it’s not like that.
H: Liar.
Y: How can I not think that that was precious?
Hyun, can’t believe it>
fully upset>
H: then you should have put it in your bag.
Y: I’m sorry.
MC: He has to quickly make her feel better.
something… decided?>
H: make me one!
Y: what?
H: I’ll give you the left over yarn and needles.
leftover yarn and needles for the husband?>
MC: do you know how to knit?
Y: Is it hard? Isn’t it easy? Don’ you just do it just this way then that way? Isn’t that how you do it?
H: So you think it’s so easy that you only have to do it like this?!
Y: isn’t it like this?
began to talk faster, hyun teacher>
H: you have to go in and out so whenever you go out it’s always different! It is really hard!
knit stitch?>
Y: what is knit?
H: Kn~it. The needle is called knitting
Y: Needles means knitting?
explaining what knitting means>
H: there is a saying that when you knit you knit one at a time.
no idea what you’re saying but I’m nodding>
MC: I know because I also knitted a scarf before
I also knitted a scarf>
MC: whenever you knit you’re knitting with that person in mind.
MC: who were you thinking of?
what man did hyomin make a scarf for?>
MC: oh you gave a present to a man.
MC: I gave it to my father.
MC: right~…
MC: It was school homework! During… during… home economics
Y: I’ll look for it.
H: you have to look for it.
touching the innocent elephant’s tail>
H: How many songs are there?
lets forget about the scarf!>
the wife that changes the subject>
Y: three
but just then!>
H: Did you catch a cold?
Y: Yeah, I think I might have.
H: that’s because you didn’t wear a scarf!
MC: even though the conversation changed, it still comes back.
coming back to the subject of the scarf!>
Y: It’s not like I threw it out.
H: it is throwing it out!
loss of words>
just scratching my head>
H: I don’t know. Do you know how I knitted that? When my unnies went to japan, there was a day when we had nothing on our schedules. When all of them went out I was by myself knitting for 10hours!
dorms, airplane, even at the performance site, she was knitting>
Just thinking about it makes >
MC: to all the people who are watching this right now, please find it. There must be a lot of Japanese fans who watch this.
Japanese fans must be watching this…>
MC: we are looking for a scarf.
MC: this broadcasts in japan?
MC: yes.
MC: Hello…
MC: I’ll eat this well.
MC: welcome???
MC: Scarf.. please
today generally speaking Japanese>
Yong-husband who doesn’t know what to do>
H: tell me something that will make my mood go up.
feeling up?>
getting something from his bag…>
the banmal song single album!!>
H: so it comes out looking like this.
MC: ah! The banmal song.
H: You sang it well.
MC: so she already heard it.
Y: I owe my success to you.
does she feel a little better?>
H: I might lose this.
MC: the scarf topic comes out again.
Y: It’s ok, I’ll just bring another one.
the sadness that won’t go away easily>
H: I’ll listen to this well.
just then>
H: it’s the landlady.
what does the landlady have?>
H: Yes, we’re coming out.
MC: oh is it to pay the monthly rent?
Landlady: this is a package that came for you.
Y: what is it?
a package for the yongseo couple?>
Y: Seohyun I’ll go get it. Don’t come out.
H: alright.
Y:quickly go back in.
H: Bring it back.
Yong who is taking the initiative this time>
Y: I think its pictures.
H: I think I know what it is.
what is this?>

Part 2
wedding photos album and a frame>
Y: Oh it’s cold.
MC: Ah! The wedding photos.
MC: the timing is bad.
MC: what are they going to do.
for now, look through the album>
the wedding photos that have their couple story>
MC: it’s like an angel.
MC: oh it’s cute
H: oh, you know how to pose well.
Y: I don’t.
H: it came out well.
hyun, I miss you.>
looking through the albums made her feel a bit better?>
Y: Oh~ acting pretty. No. you’re pretty.
H: no I’m acting pretty.
Y: NO you’re pretty! You’re the prettiest
H: no I’m acting pretty.
H: It’s fine.
what can I do?>
Y: Laying down goddess.
H: It’s fine.
the framed wedding pictures…?>
the yongseo couple who put in the story of the guitars>
MC: when they first played the guitar
H: Don’t you think we should hang this somewhere? We need a nail and hammer.
nail and hammer is needed>
Y: Ok, I’ll go borrow one.
Yong-husband is acting quickly today.>
Y: Don’t lock the door.
H: yes… it’s pretty.
MC: He is putting in a lot of effort.
yong-husband who is putting in a lot of effort>
Y: Is it alright?
H:It’s alright.
finally! The Yongseo couple has a wedding photo in their living room.>
places the small pictures >
MC: Oh nahyong came out again!
group and the cheek kiss photo>
cheek kiss photo>
this time it’s the forehead kiss photo>
sending photo mail to everyone!>
who is called >
JS: hello?
MC: oh it’s Jungshin friend!
it’s Jungshin friend!>
JS: It’s you hyung?
Y: yeah.
JS:… ah~…
MC: Why?
  must have already looked at the photo mail>
JS: You guys are great.
calling to thank him for coming to the photo shoot>
H: thanks for coming to the wedding photo shoot.
MC: ah she wanted to thank him.
JS: Why aren’t you giving me my compensation?
H: I’ll make kimchi for you!
Y: what do you think? Sea tasting…
H: what do you want?
JS: I’ll just… not eat it.
H: wow you’re too much.
this time calling Seulong!>
Y: Seulong hyung!
H: hello?
Y: hyung!
SL: why do you always send me things when I’m sleeping?
Y: Hyung…
SL: Why did you guys kiss?!
having fun with an irrelevant remark>
Y: Did you make us do it?
SL: But you did it. You guys came out really beautifully. Have fun you guys and stop calling me when I’m sleeping.
going back to sleep>
SL: Bye.
Y: Yes.
this time who?>
H: Hello?
?: JUHYUN!! ^&*@#^*!
H: unnie!
SNSD older unnies>
just hearing their voices he lights up.>
MC: Oh its morning and they are so noisy!
in the morning they are so lively!>
Y: Hello?
SNSD: na na na na NA! (teasing)
HY: I nicely saw the wedding photos!
Y: thanks
T: do you guys kiss all the time!?
H: Unnie, you really…
HY: Yonghwa and Seohyun… do you dare think about bringing the wedding photos into the dorms!
MC: the unnies will get mad.
HY: just leave it at your honeymoon place!
H: I’ll bring it with me.
SNSD: have fun~ bye bye.
H: Bye.
this time they received a txt message>
Y: who is it?
H: it’s from my father.
essage from the father.>
Y: oh really!?
H: wow!
it’s not a joke right?>
TXT: today must have been yong-husbands day of blessing. To my lovely and pretty daughter.
Y: I’m bursting with blessings, I got blessings.
H: Is it really a day of receiving blessings?
MC: oh she got sly.
the sour topic of the scarf is dredged up again.>
MC: the first harsh words. “is it a day of blessings?”
Y: I don’t have the right to laugh right now.
H: this is the second time you lost something that was precious from me.
second time??>
H: you also lost my letter.
MC: oh she still remembers the letter.
the first thing he lost after getting married was the promise letter.>
Y: You’re right.
MC: he really is small today.
H: slowly you’re becoming like my song.
Y: what song?
H: this is your second chance. You are really trouble, trouble, trouble…
MC: he is a troublemaker.
H: If my sisters found out they might come over to hit you.
Y: I’ll get hit.
MC: If he gets hit by the SNDS members that will be a serious injury.
MC: getting hit, one by one of the members it will cause serious injury.
Y: I’m sorry.
MC: He doesn’t know what to do.
Yong-Husband doesn’t know what to do.>
MC: He needs to do some sort of event. Like eating out.
MC: fusion food?
MC: go out and eat food and then go home and make food.
Y: You want to go shopping for clothes?
H: what clothes?!
Y: clothes to keep you warm.
to make the wife feel better they are going shopping>
H: Knit me one.
MC: she is asking him to make her one.
Y: what?
H: Sweater. I want to wear a sweater…
how to solve this difficult situation>
Y: let’s go out. Let’s go out.
for now go outside and change the atmosphere>
MC: good job. Go and eat noodles outside.
MC: he at least has to change the mood.
MC: you’re right.
Y: We’ll eat something good. A coat, a warm coat. Warm.
even then it doesn’t feel right>
Y: I’ll make you look cool. Goddess, goddess.
H: Alright, let’s go. Where are we going to go?
for now, going to follow the husband decision>
MC: right.
MC: she is acting like she doesn’t care.
MC: that is important.
H: make my mood go up.
Y: alright.
H: I’ll believe you.
Y: Alright, believe, believe. Seohyun! Let’s go!
H: let’s go.
still the atmosphere is still sour>
however, just thinking about it >
however, just thinking about it, doesn’t want to believe it>
Y: Seohyun, lets go.
MC: she would want to cry.
Y: I’ll go and change clothes.
the pillow that expresses how she feels>
MC: that’s how she feels.
MC: that is exactly how she looks right now.
changes it with a pillow that is smiling.>
the husband that lost the handmade scarf made by hyun-wife>
meanwhile, can there be a way to make hyun-wife feel better?>
Part 3
Where have they come to make Hyun-wife feel better?>
it’s Myungdo!>
MC: Wow! You mean they went to a place that has that many people?
Will Yong-Husband make Hyun-wife feel better?>
Y: It’s heavy right? I’ll hold it for you.
H: Why do you suddenly do that?
Y: Because I just thought of it.
MC: Oh he is holding onto her bag.
H: Aigoo. Thank you.
MC: Aigoo. He can hold onto 10bags if he had too.
the two that arrived at the department store>
H: where do we go?
Y: Let’s look at clothes.
H: Shall we?
Y: Pick everything pick everything!
H: what… pick everything…
Y: Seohyun, pick anything.
H: Can you buy it?
Y: I’ll buy everything for you.
H: really?
Y: yeah, I’ll buy everything.
H: then…
Y: Seohyun. What style …?
H: a sharp style.
Y: Something like this?
this is Yong-husband’s sharp style??>
bright> bright>
H: this is your style?
Y: It’s you. But I think if you would pretty if you wore something like this.
H: Something like this!?
Y: Silver color. Rather than gold, the silver color.
H: Really?
Y: really.
H: You like something like this?
Y: I don’t like wearing it much but… I do like it. I buy it yet I don’t wear it.
MC: The two styles are different.
moderate (hyun) vs fancy (Yong)>
another considerable difference between them is their style>
aggressively looking at clothes more than hyun>
Y: this is pretty.
H: Pick something that you think will suit me.
Y: Alright.
MC: he will probably pick something that is shiny.
Y: Alright. When I see it…
H: oh it’s cute.
this time it’s hyun’s style coat.>
the white coat that make you look well behaved>
H: should I try it on?
Y: try it.
H: can I try it on?
Store worker: yes. Try it on.
H: You are really going to buy it?
Y: Of course.
MC: She would probably look good in anything.
hyun trying >
Y: It’s pretty (3x) You’re like a model. MODEL.
  his reaction is bigger than when he saw her in her wedding dress>
H: what do you think?
the coat that Hyun-wife is satisfied with>
Y: it’s really pretty.
H: you think so? It’s because of this hood.
what did yong-husband find?>
MC: Is he looking for his clothes?
H: You like something like this?!
Y: I like.
shining ornamented jacket>
MC: men like girls who wear shiny clothes.
for now, they are going to look around>
Y: Give me
MC: oh he is being good to her.
MC: because he’s sorry
the ever growing complimenting service?!>
taking care of hyun’s bag and her clothes>
H: let’s go.
Y&H: Goodbye.
Y: wow, there are a lot of pretty clothes.
excited Yong who hasn’t been shopping for a while>
Hyun who is meticulously looking>
Just then!>
Y: Fur! (or animal print) Try it just once, fur.
H: I never tried it on before. Do you like fur as well?
Y: I like fur!
MC: wow he said he likes fur!
Yong, who has a strong sense of style>
MC: Yong-husband?
Y: I really like fur.
H: really
this isn’t really hyun’s style>
yong who first goes into a shop>
Y: Try this one on.
H: Oh… why?
MC: He must have found something.
Y: Just try it once.
H: It doesn’t suit me.
Y: It does! It really does!
this type of clothes… >
it’s really is fur pattern!>
MC: that style is something that would suit me!
Y: Do you don’t want to try it?
H: no! I’ll try it on. But I’m saying that it won’t suit me.
Y: no it will suit you.
H: what do you mean it will suit me?
Y: this is yours
wearing the style that he strongly feels for>
Y: try it.
worried because of wearing a unfamiliar style>
H: really…
MC: if you wear that incorrectly you can look like a goblin.
MC: you can look old.
hyun who is trying it >
H: to think that I would try something like this on. Oh! Just looking at it its weird!
patiently not looking>
Y: No, I think it looks fine.
H: what is fine?!
Y: It’s because what you are wearing inside doesn’t match. I think it really matches you well!
H: what suits me?... what do you mean this suits me…
MC: I don’t think it looks bad on her.
Y: It’s ok, it really is ok.
H: something like this… I will never wear it.
Y: why?
H: it’s not my style.
looking again for hyun’s style>
again, yong is looking at fur with his hands>
MC: he really like fur/animal print.
H: Do you always see fur?
Y: no.
H: ah, so you really like fur/animal print.
Y: No… no.. I don’t like it. If there is anything you like just try it on.
H: Yes. What kind of style do you think I like?
Y: well for something like coats I think you like wool and like simple colors.
H: You’re right.
Yong-husband who always knows what style his wife likes>
H: Recommend me something that you think will suit me.
Y: Fur?
H: Why is it always fur!? Do you really want me to wear it?
he can’t say readily agree>
MC: It’s something like this. That he can’t quickly agree!
Y: Shoes! Buy shoes.
H: Shoes?
Y: Oh I can’t buy you shoes.
H: why not?
Y: they say that if I buy shoes the person will run away.
H: Buy it for me!
Y: I won’t.
H: buy it for me.
Y: I won’t.
keeps asking to buy shoes.>
H: Fur!
fur >
Y&H: Oh it’s pretty!
Y: I like this.
H: I like it also.
the two of them found something they both like!>
MC: It’s cute.
MC: this is pretty.
H: Should I try it on?
Y: try it on, try it on.
MC: Oh a cape.
cape style coat choice>
Y: It’s pretty (3x) Pretty (3x) It’s pretty!
H: is it ok?
MC: It’s pretty!
it suits hyun-wife>
MC: It’s pretty.
Y: it’s as if you wore what you wore today to wear this.
both like this>
H: really?
MC: It’s really pretty.
Y: It’s really pretty.
H: It looks alright?
MC: does the hands usually come out like that?
MC: yes.
MC: she is feeling slightly better.
Y: Goddess.
H: what do you think?
Y: It’s pretty (3x)
H: really?
MC: the two of them must really like this.
Y: try this on.
H: What?!
this time a snake skin jacket choice>
MC: that is something that older people would wear.
always, other than the wife’s style, wants to try >
H: I never wore something like this before.
Y: try it on. Just try it on this once.
H: this is woman’s clothes?
it’s hard for Hyun to even digest it’s looks>
H: I don’t think it’s going to suit me.
Y: It’s going to suit you.
for now, she tries it.>
H: I think this is going to be laughable.
MC: Oh there are lots of nice clothes.
MC: I want to buy that snakeskin jacket.
Y: Its fine!
H: what is fine!?
Store worker: customer, this is snakeskin.
MC: what… must like skin hide/leather.
Y:it’s pretty
H: what is pretty?
  fashion that hyun finds it hard to understand>
Store worker: our store concept is late 19th century lady New York Bourgeois style.
MC: they say that it’s a bourgeois concept.
Store worker: customer is too shy.
Y: that cape was really nice.
H: really? But for now, lets…
Y&H: look around.
H: I think it’s pretty.
Y: I think you look the best.
H: really?
Y: Yes. Really.
H: Why are you only complementing me?
Y: that was really pretty.
H: thank you very much. We’ll come again.
Y: It’s really pretty.
found the brand that he likes>
H: what’s wrong?
Y: let’s go.
H: let’s go in and Look. Look!
looks really uneasy>
MC: He is going to the brand that he likes,
looking like he can’t win. He turns around>
even though he said he wouldn’t look, eventually…>
Y: no, let’s look around more.
H: OH it’s jinwoon!
Y: oh really?
H: Hello!?
wearing the brand and taking a photo is jinwoon>
and Changmin>
MC: OH Jinwoon! It’s been a while!
MC: everyone’s there!
after looking at the pictures he looks as if to leave…>
even he doesn’t realize…>
Y: Oh they are having a 70% sale.
MC: Oh men’s clothes.
H: What clothes do you like?
MC: Oh if it’s a 70% sale then you have to at least look.
the yong-husband who likes shopping>
without even knowing he is drawn to look at the clothes>
MC: even though he is shopping for they are looking at his clothes.
MC: both should look, one by one.
even so, nothing to buy so they head out>
H: you look for your clothes as well.
Y: no I didn’t look for my clothes.
H: what do you mean not look?
doesn’t even realize his shopping desires are coming out>
MC: thank god that he actually likes to go shopping.

Part 4
Y: Oh we looked around one whole time.
before they knew it they walked around the store >
Y: Seohyun, try this on.
H: Should I?
the first thing that Yong wanted her to try >
Y: Try it on and come out!
H: really!?
Y: Really! I think it will suit you. Really!
H: you are saying that I should just wear anything.
Y: this is the first thing my eyes went to.
H: but I won’t have an occasion to wear this. When would I wear this? Would you really like it if I tried it on?
Y: try it on.
for whatever reason she tries it >
MC: from time to time it’s alright if you try something that the man chooses.
Y: Seohyun you finished?
H: yes….
Y: Lets see.
Hyun-wife who is embarrassed to show it>
Y: what?
H: It’s weird.
Y: let me look.
the husband is…>
MC: it must not be Seohyun’s style.
H: It’s really weird!
Y: let me see. Oh it looks good!
H: Oh what looks good!? This makes me look like a robot.
Y: it looks good.
yong husband’s really satisfied>
Y: It suits you, it really suits you.
H: what is this?
Y: It’s time for you to change…
trying to change hyun-wife’s style?>
H: Suit yourself, try to change it yourself.
Y: throw out all your beige colored coats!
H: I’ll try and wear it. Pick one out.
Y: alright, alright.
this time picking out a jacket…>
Y: what?
H: It’s nothing.
Y: Try this one.
H: are you trying to make me look like an amazon woman?
MC: if you wore that you also need to ride a motocycle.
MC: well first off it’s probably because yonghwa is a rocker he has that tendency.
H: let’s go to a mirror.
Yong-husband preference of rock is fur and leather!?>
Y: try it on.
More excited picking out clothes…>
MC: It’s that Suh Moon Tak style?
(Note: Suh Moon Tak is a famous Korean rock singer)
you’re right> you’re right>
MC: Rocker.
H: You like something like this?
Y: It suits you! It looks fine!
H: Would you like me to always look like this?
Y: Oh… it looks good.
H: really!?
Y: Ask around.
H: who are you going to ask? Of course the store worker is going to say that it suits me.
Y: no, it really is pretty. Let me look. Oh really it really looks good on you.
even with just >
Y: why am I more excited right now?
H: exactly.
MC: he must really like it. That kind of style.
Y: It looks fine. It really does look fine.
H: really?
Y: Ah, I really want to change your pants as well.
H: what should I do? This doesn’t suit me at all.
Hyun is feeling so awkward that she could die>
Y: No it really suits you.
MC: she is a little stubborn.
yong who is stubborn when it comes to fashion>
Y: She looks fine right?
Store worker: she looks pretty, pretty.
Y: when I saw her I really thought it suit her. It suited her. Her style right now is good. I just thought that it would be good if she tried other styles.
do I really look pretty?>
satisfied and confident with his choice>
MC: it looks like he decided to buy it.
MC: he decided to buy it?
Finally, choosing yong-husband’s preference>
about to pay…>
Y: It’s 97Won. (roughly around 100 dollars)
H: WHAT!? That’s too expensive!
Y: It’s 100won!
MC: They said that the jacket is 97won!?
H: It’s too expensive, no no no.
didn’t realize that the jacket was that expensive>
MC: nowadays prices for clothes are expensive.
even though he persuaded that it suits her>
H: what are you going to do?
thinking this and that>
H: then can you just buy this then?
wanting to buy it for her but it’s just too expensive>
H: what are you going to do?
Y: I’ll think about it.
MC: right. He did good.
Y: I didn’t realize that it would be that expensive TT.TT
H: what are you going to do?
Y: Do you want to look at other clothes? Then with this…
with this?...>
Y: You want to buy the cape?
H: sure? I’m not going to wear it often though.
Y: No, you’re going to wear it soon.
is going to definitely buy the t-shirt>
Store worker: Is 5dollars (roughly estimating)
MC: oh that’s not bad.
MC: thank goodness.
H: Thank you.
Y: It’s nothing. I’m sorry.
H: Why?
Y: I don’t have enough money.
H: I’m saying I wouldn’t even wear it if you bought it for me.
even though he really wanted to buy it…>
Y: ah man, but it really suited you. Really did.
H: what happens if the cloak is also expensive?
Y: I’ll buy you the cloak. The cloak isn’t…200dollars right?
H: You’re going to buy it for me even if it is?
Y: even if it is 200dollars I’ll buy it for you.
MC: he must be really sorry. He just said that he would buy something that is 200Won
for some reason Yong-husband’s shoulders got smaller>
H: let’s go.
Y: Go.
H: Hello, is it alright if I try it on again?
Storeowner: do you want to try on the snakeskin?
H: Oh no! it’s fine.
Storeowner: You looks so cool in New York Style!
MC: New York Style!
Storeowner: if you are dating you should at least wear that style. This man customer (yong) eye is very high.
Y: huh?
Storeowner: all he ever chose was clothes that were cool and special.
Y: I’ll buy this.
decided to purchase the cloak jacket>
Y: It suits you.
Storeowner: thank you.
Y: it really suits you
H: Thank you.
Y: you’re a Hallyu star.
she is getting quite happier>
Y: It suits you.
H: Thank you.
MC: she is feeling better.
  prideful, touches it…>
H: I think we now seen everything.
Y: You want to head down?
H: oppa, did you pay for this?
Y: Yeah.
H: what did you use to pay for it?
Y: I didn’t?
H: I don’t think you did!
Y: really!?
didn’t even pay for it…>
MC: Oh wow, he didn’t even pay!
taking care of the wife is making him lose his mind…>
H: we almost ran off.
Y: that would have been a big issue. I’m sorry I left without paying.
Storeowner: yes, yes, I must have losing it because of shooting the show. I just said goodbye to you. Next time come back and try the snake skin again…
next time, come back and please buy the snakeskin jacket>
Y: Snakeskin.
finished purchasing>
MC: She must be feeling really up now.
MC: when girls go shopping…
H: Hats!
Y: you like hats?
H: I don’t wear them often.
MC: He is making her forget the scarf incident.
H: OH!
MC: OH no scarves!
H: It’s scarves! Make one for me like this.
MC: you need a machine!
Y: what is this?
H: this is made from a machine.
Y: you would recognize that just by looking?
H: Yes.
as soon as she saw scarves she begins to think of the lost >
H: all of a sudden I feel sad.
head down yong…>
MC: OH man, it must be really difficult for him today.
Y: You’re clothes are really pretty
mentioning the clothes will…?>
H: My scarf was similar to this one.
MC: She said it was similar…
Y: You are pretty Seohyun…
MC: why are they still stuck on scarves?
MC: you have days like this…
H: Oh really!

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